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Entre Ríos


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Sustainable and Natural Aquaculture at Entre Ríos

At Entre Ríos, our state-of-the-art concrete water raceways offer unparalleled benefits that enhance sustainability and drastically reduce our ecological footprint:

Natural Resourcefulness:

We transform fish waste into valuable fertilizer, which is then utilized by local farmers. This not only recycles waste but also supports agricultural productivity in our community.

Preservation of Wild Populations:

Our raceways are meticulously designed to prevent any interaction between farmed fish and wild species. This dual-action design ensures that our fish remain contained and wild fish are deterred from entering, safeguarding local biodiversity and preventing the spread of diseases.

Commitment to Purity:

At Entre Ríos, we believe in raising rainbow trout as nature intended. Absolutely no artificial colors or additives are used in our trout’s diet. This commitment to all-natural farming practices allows us to proudly stand behind our promise of 100% natural trout, ensuring that the fish you enjoy is as pure as it is in the wild.

Healthy Trout Comes From Clean Cold Water

At Entre Ríos, our Chilean Rainbow Trout thrive in the crystal-clear waters of Patagonia. We harness the power of robust water currents to mimic the trout's natural habitat, enhancing their vitality and resilience. This carefully managed environment boosts their immune systems, significantly reducing the incidence of disease. The result? Trout with a notably firmer, more succulent flesh that delivers an exceptional culinary experience for our consumers.