Entre Ríos Chilean Rainbow Trout

Eat Clean, Eat Sustainable, Eat Chilean Rainbow Trout

Raised in Pristine Patagonia Water

Environmentally Focused

Healthy Trout Comes From Clean Cold Water

Entre Ríos Chilean Rainbow Trout is raised in pristine Patagonian waters. Utilizing strong water flow is imperative to replicate the natural environment Chilean rainbow trout experience in nature. This method improves the trout's immune system lowering disease, and delivers a firm flesh for the consumer.

Chilean Rainbow Trout is the World's Premier Trout

All Entre Ríos farms BAP certified and located near the processing plant, ensuring the freshest fish year round.

Natural, Healthy, Delicious

Each of Entre Ríos Chilean rainbow trout fillets are carefully hand trimmed, maintaining premium quality from the water to the finished product.