History & Heritage

Entre Ríos is a family owned  company located in the southern  region of Chile, where the pristine Patagonian region begins. Since 1990 our company has been proudly  feeding people around the world with clean, no additive, sustainable Rainbow trout from the purest waters in South America.

Like all family owned companies our family has a rich history that comes from generations of farmers. Our history began in agriculture, where abundant springs provided clean water to grow our crops. As Entre Rios grew, we saw the need for a protein alternative that protected the local eco-system instead of destroying it. Becoming good stewards of our environment became our family’s mission and gave the company a new chapter in our story. In the following decade Entre Rios constructed a world class aquaculture facility utilizing the purest cold water in South America to grow clean, no additive, sustainable Rainbow Trout.

Today, the Entre Ríos team is proud of the hard work every member has dedicated to providing the world the cleanest, most sustainable, and best tasting Rainbow Trout. As we continue to grow our team is committed to focusing on sustainability, social responsibility, and world class food quality.